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A simple yet effective breathing exercise to help with anxiety and moments of panic/fear.

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Hayley Frood recommends iHypnosis Therapy Essex - 30th July 2021

I decided to give talking therapy ago as although I have always been quite a positive person, my insecurities were starting to a negative impact on my life. After just a couple of sessions I am feeling more secure than I have ever felt and learnt great coping techniques. Can't recommend Jodine enough, she is so friendly and welcoming. Made it so easy to open up and now I feel like I can look forward to a more positive future.

Recommendations and reviews

Keely Perry recommends iHypnosis Therapy Essex - 21st June 2021

I have suffered my whole life with a phobia of needles and recent events meant I had no option but to face it.
My anxiety was so bad that even people talking about it made me feel all funny and I had to walk away. I sent Jodine a message on Facebook as I couldn't bring myself to ring. I just knew I had had enough.
From the first time I spoke to Jodine I felt so much better, she has such a nice friendly way about her that it calms you down. There were so many little things she came out with that just made sense and put things in perspective.
We also worked on a memory of a panic attack I had which always made me cry, I no longer cry about it.
I went to get my vaccine at the weekend as I had the confidence to do so and Jodine was genuinely pleased to hear I had done it. I am not now a needle lover with a desire for a tattoo and I was still nervous going to get it done as I didn't know how it would play out. I felt A LOT better than I usually do and I know this will help me massively going back for the 2nd dose.
I 100% recommend you book up if, like me, you have had enough of feeling the way you do about something.

Lucy Micallef recommends iHypnosis Therapy Essex - 31st March 2020

I highly recommend Jodine, not only is she a lovely lady who is so easy to talk to and makes you feel instantly comfortable she is also an absolute miracle worker. Has helped me massively with my anxiety. I wish I’d met her a long time ago.

April 2020 - My feature in this great magazine - Parents in Business

My article that I was so honored to be given the opportunity to write. for this amazing magazine -
Parents in Business Issue 8

I am featured on Page 34 and had such a great time writing about the benefits of practicing thinking more positively, please have a read.


Slim Via Hypnosis - Complete weight loss package

I thought it would be nice to bring you a video to help answer all those questions that you guys have been messaging me asking, I hope this helps others also.

Slim via Hypnosis is an amazing 4 x session complete weight loss/healthy lifestyle programme that consists of the key elements that really help you to stay focused, plus hypnosis in each session and FREE hypnosis audios to listen to in between each session. I also include education, facts, handouts, NLP, suggestion work, positive thinking, and many more aspects of therapy that have been put together from years of work and expertise to bring you this 4 X SESSION PROGRAMME.

If you are interested then please message me here for more info. Looking to start I’m very soon, so if you're ready to change old habits around food then I’d love to hear from you.

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