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What does hypnosis feel like?

I get asked this a lot and the answer is, it’s different for everyone, and often different each time you enter the state of hypnosis. However, these are a few of the feelings clients report back to me after our sessions.

Floaty ⁣
Tingly arms and legs⁣
Extremely relaxed, ⁣but focused at the same time ⁣
Relaxed ⁣
In control
⁣Like I’m on a ‘journey’⁣
⁣Like I’m flying ⁣
⁣Sleepy but not asleep ⁣

This is usually the state of light trance which most can achieve - essentially it’s a state of deep relaxation and being able to focus attention on suggestions. ⁣

I try to manage every client’s expectations at the start of a session - that you don’t need to feel like a zombie when you’re ‘under’. Just enjoy whatever state you find yourself in!! And then we can achieve the changes you want. Some clients also like to describe hypnosis as a feeling very similar to laying on a sunlounger, just gently relaxing, feeling so calm mentally and physically, but still aware of noises that are going on around you, noises that would alert you if needed, but you stay focused on what you are feeling, completely relaxed yet still in control, what a wonderful description!

Most people are not aware that we naturally experience hypnosis around seven times a day, and that there is no specific 'feeling' associated with hypnotherapy, it is simply different for every individual. The most common feeling associated with this type of therapy is the feeling of complete relaxation. Clients report feelings of calm, stillness, comfort, and just complete and experience the feeling of letting go of any anxieties, stresses, and worries during the sessions.

It has also been described as 'daydreaming', that feeling where you are just still and, at the moment, not too sure what you are thinking, but you are aware of your surroundings. I like to describe it as 'Guided Meditation'.

As your hypnotherapist here in Basildon, Essex I will verbally help to guide you into a state of psychological and physical relaxation - to someone looking at you it may look as though you are sleeping; in actual fact, you are just feeling very relaxed yet fully aware of everything. Whilst you are in this state of relaxation I will work with your subconscious mind, which can be more open to positive suggestions and exploration, to help you to stimulate helpful changes.

Will I be in control in the session?

The simple answer is yes! The whole time.

Hypnotherapy is nothing like stage hypnosis that we see on the TV where members of the audience are invited, or should I say 'eager' to go on stage and behave in a certain way. This type of therapy is NOT what we do as clinical hypnotherapists and psychotherapists, the therapy we offer is always completely lead by the client and as therapists we simply guide you through the sessions. You will experience complete relaxation but be able to come out of it at any one time, so you are always in full control.

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What is cost per session?

Each session is 60 minutes - (Please allow this amount of time for each session).
Hypnotherapy Sessions can vary between 1-6 depending on the issue and the client's commitment.

Quit Smoking is 1 x session of 90 minutes only (only one session needed) - £150 (includes consultation/therapy).

All hypnotherapy sessions are 60 minutes so please allocate this time for our sessions - £60 per session

Hypno-analysis sessions (if required) - up to 12 sessions, but usually less (1 x session per week) for this type of analytical therapy which really helps the client to get to the root cause of the issue if needed, so that they can feel better about themselves and be able to move forwards, feeling lighter and happier and free!! - Price £60 per session

Psychotherapy sessions - This type of talking therapy enables the client to understand their feelings, and what makes them feel the way they do. We work on this to bring a resolution on how to deal better with these feelings - sessions are 60 minutes - Price £60 per session.

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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a type of therapy I use in order to help relieve emotional worries and anxieties.

This is referred to as talking therapy with me the therapist, and it allows us to talk about any issues that may relate to the client's past that we can focus on and really work on in order to make the present more pleasant.

Psychotherapy usually involves talking, maybe some homework to take home to help clients make notes of any feelings or emotions that flag up that we can discuss in our next session.

Psychotherapy can help clients discuss feelings they have about themselves and other people, family, and friends also.

I often see clients weekly or fortnightly depending on what we agree will be more beneficial to the client.

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Can a hypnotherapist guarantee results?

No! hypnotherapy is not a solution for every problem, but it may be an effective treatment for many problems where psychological factors are present. Just as a doctor could not make promises about the effectiveness of the prescribed medication, neither can a hypnotherapist guarantee results because everyone is different, and remember you have to want to change and feel better.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

The vast majority of people can be hypnotised; the exceptions are those who are mentally subnormal, very young children, or those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Everybody else can be hypnotised provided they want to be. If somebody does not want to be hypnotised, cannot understand what is expected of them or is resisting for some reason, they will have difficulty entering hypnosis.

Also, certain health conditions or mental illnesses may not always benefit from having hypnotherapy and other therapies may be more beneficial, this would always need to be discussed with a GP first for medical guidance/support as we are not medically trained.

Those who tend to respond the best to hypnotherapy are people who have a strong mind, great concentration, imagination, and who are self-determined to achieve their goals! we can all imagine, can't we? It uses the same part of your brain that recalls a memory, so if you can imagine, then you can be hypnotised.

Will I suddenly do or say silly things during my sessions?

Absolutely not! unless you want too of course!

We can only work with what you choose to want. The subconscious mind will not be open to anything that you disagree with or desire. Remember the subconscious mind works 24/7 and its purpose is to keep you safe, so it will only do what it thinks is best for you. Panic attacks, for example, happen in order to keep you safe from something you may have experienced before that made you feel uncomfortable, so it produces a panic attack in order to stop you, slow you down as it thinks by doing that it will keep you safe. This is a classic example of your subconscious mind in action.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No, you can't get stuck in hypnosis, it is impossible, you can leave the hypnotic state yourself at any point simply by choosing to. You are conscious & aware throughout, highly focused yet relaxed.

What should I expect from my first visit?

Your first appointment with me is a full thorough 60-90 minute initial consultation - where we will discuss the problems you want to resolve and what might be the best type of therapy to help you, this can be face to face or online.

Once we have discussed whether this type of therapy is right for you and that you are happy for us to work together then we will schedule your first hypnotherapy session at my practice at Basildon, Essex.

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Do I need to bring anything with me?

No, Just yourself, your commitment to the sessions and look forward to feeling relaxed!

Are the sessions confidential?

Absolutely yes!

Here at iHypnosis Therapy Essex, I have a strict code of conduct that as a therapist I comply with at all times, plus I have received a recognised and accredited qualification that not only has taught me how to hypnotise and cure people but also how to run my practice efficiently and ethically.

•I will keep brief notes after a session, which will be securely stored, in a locked cabinet. Nobody else will have access to those notes.

•I have password protection and encryption on all devices that use electronic data, such as a computer/phone/tablet. No one has access to those devices but me, so if we converse via any of those methods in the way of email or text, you can be assured of confidentiality.

•I only keep your details for as long as is necessary. Your client file, which contains brief notes about the work we do together, is held for a period (7 years) as set out by my insurer & as per GDPR.

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My Therapy Chairs -

I have many clients tell me just how relaxed and comfortable they feel in my chairs at my practice because they support your body perfectly and allow you to enjoy your therapy sessions.

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