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Clinical Hypnotherapist Specialising in Menopause, Anxiety and Weight Loss - Basildon, Essex

'When we become educated we become empowered'

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Hello and welcome to iHypnosis Therapy Essex - based in Basildon, Essex

My name is Jodine Downham DHP (LAPHP, LNRPC) and I am a fully qualified professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist who specialises in anxiety, diet, nutrition, weight loss, quitting smoking, and menopause.

My hypnotherapy and psychotherapy practice is based in Basildon, Essex, and is in a great location that is within easy reach of Laindon, Billericay, Wickford, Pitsea, Canvey Island, Brentwood, Thurrock, Benfleet, Chelmsford, and Southend with FREE easy access parking. I am also fully insured, fully accredited and a proud member of the NRPC and the APHP, both are highly respected organisations that not only offer me continuous training but also reassure my clients that I have received first-class training. I provide my clients with a calm, peaceful, safe, and confidential environment.

Hypnotherapy is hypnosis combined with therapeutic techniques which can offer help with many things including:

Quit Smoking
Weight loss
Healthier lifestyle
Panic attacks/anxiety
Low confidence
Diet and healthy eating
Weight loss
Positive thinking
Feeling calm
Menopause awareness and wellbeing

I specialise in anxiety and have helped many clients overcome many things. My clients learn what anxiety is, the different symptoms, why they get it, and what they can do to reduce it or most often stop it. I teach my clients tools to use, new ways of thinking, and hypnotherapy. I use many other types of therapy also including EFT, CBT, NLP, Psycho-education, Psychotherapy, Art therapy, Mind coaching, and hypnosis depending on the client's needs and realistic desires.

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FREE 15 Minute Suitability Phone Consultation

I offer a FREE 15-minute suitability phone consultation with no obligation.

This is really to see if the type of therapy I use will be of benefit to you and more importantly that we both feel happy to continue. This is massively important for you as my client to feel completely at ease and happy with me as a therapist also. This is also a chance for us to have a friendly chat about the areas of your life you would like me to maybe help you fulfill. All being well, I would then invite you in for a face-to-face full thorough consultation which usually takes around 60-90 minutes.

This can be online over Zoom also or face to face at my private practice which offers hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and is easy access to all surrounding areas including Brentwood, Basildon, Billericay, Benfleet, Pitsea, and Langdon Hills.

Call Today - 07377 696863

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy - Working Together

HYPNOSIS – to get a person relaxed enough to access their subconscious mind, although hypnosis has been described in lots of different ways, one simpler term that is used is ‘Hypnosis is a state wherein the subconscious and conscious parts of the mind begin to work on the same concept, at the same time without conflict. This is a major part of hypnotherapy, that will allow the therapist to relax the client enough to access the subconscious mind.

HYPNOTHERAPY – is what we apply once the client is in a hypnotic state as hypnotherapy is the practice of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. Hypnotherapy allows the therapist to talk to the subconscious mind to allow and make changes allowing us to access our deeper-rooted emotional beliefs so that we can change a thought process. However, this will only happen if the client is willing to change a thought pattern.

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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for weight loss can be an effective method in challenging these mindsets and moments of temptation, helping you to live a healthier life, and resulting in a better relationship with food.

I provide education, facts, meal plans, and handouts, and practice positive thinking and positive doing. I also provide my clients with free hypnosis audios to listen to in between each session. The aim of hypnotherapy for weight loss is to make you feel confident about your body, change negative thoughts about eating, create a better healthier relationship with food, suggest meal plans to support your goals, and help you lose weight responsibly and realistically without impacting your emotional and physical well-being.


Hypnotherapy for Quit Smoking - 2 session program only

I am all for well-being and living a healthy lifestyle so helping clients quit smoking is actually a very rewarding area to work in. I have lots of woman and men who come to me for help with this awful skill that they have got quite good at, but mainly for women who are looking to improve their health and support their journey through menopause. We know that smoking plays a big part in many illnesses and diseases, but it also contributes to the risks that come along with menopause-like osteoporosis for example, and many others.

I offer a 2-session program (which is all that is needed!) this includes:


The cost for the two-session complete program is £200.

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Hypnotherapy for Menopause and Wellbeing

As a Menopause Support Specialist, I often discuss with my clients a whole raft of symptoms they are experiencing. Whether it is during perimenopause, menopause, or post-menopause, it’s often such a gradual process that we just tend to accept the way we feel and battle through it.

That overwhelming tiredness (for example), becomes something considered to be a normal part of aging. Perimenopause and Menopause can be challenging times for women as we face many hormone fluctuations resulting in many symptoms both mentally and physically. There are up to 34 symptoms that women can experience at different times, here are a few of the main ones.

• Hot flushes
• Anxiety
• Panic
• Joint and muscle pain
• Extreme tiredness
• Breast tenderness/Change in periods
• Mood changes
• Lack of motivation
• Memory problems
• Brain fog

We still have quite a way to go with women being heard and treated fairly in the world either professionally, personally, or socially. But positive changes are taking place and support is reaching us today in many ways. We often find that getting that support and advice that we need can be quite disheartening with out of date headlines and medical knowledge. Thankfully this is starting to change and there are many GPs and health professionals that are now retraining and gaining a better understanding of recognising that their patients are possibly going through perimenopause or menopause.

I hear quite often from women that they have plucked up the confidence to call their Gp to discuss how they have been feeling only to be told they are too young or if they are still experiencing menstruation then they are not in the perimenopause. We know that perimenopause can take place 8-10 years before menopause, and this can be sometimes the hardest time for women. Once a woman has not had a period for 12 months then she is in menopause.

This transition of hormones can present many emotional and physical symptoms for women during these times so it is vital that we are empowered, supported, educated, and informed on the choices women can make for their health both mentally and physically.

As a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, I help many clients daily and I have now extended my area of expertise into supporting women during perimenopause and menopause. This specialised service for menopause and wellbeing will offer women sound advice, education, confidence, therapy, and lifestyle changes including weight loss, diet, and nutrition.

Hypnotherapy can be very helpful for women experiencing these symptoms. We know that therapy alone and lifestyle changes will not stop the perimenopause or menopause, but research tells us that eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising, weight loss, reducing alcohol, and quitting smoking will have a positive effect on a woman's health both mentally and physically, resulting in supporting the body through this stage in life.

If you would like to be placed on my waiting list or would like to know any more information then please contact me - these sessions can be carried out online over zoom or face to face at my private practice in Basildon, Essex.

* Please note that I am NOT a Doctor, Nurse, Specialist, Gp or claim to be.

* I am NOT medically trained to give advice/or recommendations on the required dose needed in treating hormone deficiency with HRT or intend to.

* My service is for support, listening, guiding, educating, and offering emotional support through using various therapy techniques which I am trained to do, and if needed to refer clients to the appropriate team who are medically trained to prescribe HRT if need be and discuss further.

What worries and concerns do you have about this phase of life?

Often when I speak with clients and friends about perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause, I ask them what bothers or worries them the most. According to the majority of women I speak with, as well as my research and studies, appearance is the biggest concern.

Many women worry that menopause will affect the way they look, their hair, skin, and changes to their figure. Even young women are now becoming more aware of this which is great but also concerning for them. This needs to change and we are learning all the time the things we can do in order to support this phase in life. We no longer have to 'Just get on with it' because we are becoming empowered, educated, and learning the truth about what we are entitled to.

I am very hopeful that the work I will be doing along with many others will help the young women of today and older women be heard and supported on their own journey, leaving them feeling supported, in control, and less fearful.


A woman's health is obviously a major concern, as is her ability to do her job, mental fog, anxiety, fatigue, and aching joints and muscles really do have a huge impact on a woman’s life on a daily basis. Nevertheless, many women seem to be concerned about their appearance, and this can have a significant impact on their self-confidence.
In my practice, we explore all the symptoms associated with this phase and we are told there are 34, but we know there are many more, don’t we!

In the therapy program that I will be offering as a Menopause Support Specialist, I will be working through symptoms, education, psychotherapy, and clinical hypnotherapy along with many other helpful and informative support specifically designed for women during this phase of life.

This specialised therapy has been designed to support, educate, and signpost/refer women (if need be) and support them on their journey whether they decide to take HRT or not. We are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of complementary therapy when it comes to Menopause alongside gynecologists and hormones specialists and I am very happy to support their work.

Please don't struggle alone, and know that there is help out there for you.

Prices to be confirmed.

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APHP - The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

I am very proud to say that I am registered with the APHP and NRPC and fully accredited.
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NRPC - The National Register of Psychotherapists & Counsellors


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